Saturday, February 23, 2013

My First Blog

Hi there. I'm not even sure if anyone will ever come across this, but I feel as if this would be a great place to keep feeling and experiences saved, even if only for my Kids to read later on. I have 2, Jaicee, 4, and Paisley 4 Months. I am engaged to James.. Love of my Life. I'll tell a little bit about my kids. Jaicee, also known as June or Junie is probably the funniest kid you will ever meet, and completely off the wall. Example, ask her, her favorite color she will go into complete detail of how she loves pink, and purple, and blue, then all of a sudden DINOSAUR! Talk about laughs, she sure does keep the Home a fun place to be. Paisley is the sweetest little thing ever. So cheeky and loving. I love my girls. Now for James an I, we are very much alike. We have the same sick sense of humor. We laugh at very inappropriate things, most of the time. Also, there is a 17 year age difference in between us which makes for some very awesome moments! Attached are some photos!

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